The Hobbit Made More Festive With Santa Hats

hobbit header hats 560x372

Some fantasy movie with lots of little people opens on Friday. It’s called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and it’s directed by the same dude who made The Frighteners, which is a totally awesome ghost flick starring Michael J. Fox and the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. Apparently this hobbit fella is pretty popular, because everyone is popping turgid nerd boners at the mere mention of the name Bilbo Baggins. Whatever. All I know is it’s Christmas time and movies are better with the addition of Santa hats. So here’s The Hobbit made more festive with Santa hats.

hobbit hats 1 560x373

Are those skones? Yum.

hobbit hats 9 560x290

This horse is stylin’!

hobbit hats 6 560x334

F*ck that floppy wizard’s hat. Gandalf is Santa.

hobbit hats 3 560x373

Which one is Grumpy?

hobbit hats 4 560x373

Damn, Saint Nick looks like sh*t.

hobbit hats 2 560x420

Fear the hat.

hobbit hats 8 560x347

Should’ve taken the reindeer.

hobbit hats 10 560x335

All I want for Christmas is a rabid wolf.

hobbit hats 5 560x315

Santa’s elves are really overworked.

hobbit hats 7

A drunk Santa is a happy Santa.