Holiday Driving in a GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon 1 560x280To us, the Holidays are a time to spend with friends and family, and we’re often on the road traveling for gatherings and parties. This Holiday season we had family coming to visit from out-of-town, so to transport us everywhere we needed to be in style, we borrowed a GMC Yukon for the week before Christmas. If was a brilliant idea, and we don’t know we’ll ever do the holidays without a Yukon in the future. We even took it down to downtown Washington, DC to see the National Christmas tree at the White House.

Yukon Savage 560x560The GMC Yukon was perfectly suited to such a task for obvious reasons. Holiday driving often involves long road trips wearing heavy coats and winter boots. In that scenario, space and comfort are key to keeping everyone in the holiday spirit. While the GMC Yukon can easily accommodate 6 adults, for most of the week there were four of us in the vehicle, which made it even more comfortable. We folded down the third row to allow plenty of room for packages, and the second row captain’s chairs allowed our passengers to stretch out and enjoy the ride.

The GMC Yukon also features a bunch of creature comforts that we took full advantage of during our week of holiday driving. We’re talking about climate zones, heated seats, heated steering wheel, satellite radio, navigation, automatic lift gate, and four-wheel drive controls. Drive around for a week in the snow with your family in a GMC Yukon and you’ll wonder how you ever did the holidays without all of those awesome features.

Yukon Ellicott City 560x560