A Holiday Gift Guide for the 1%

Mayweather 560x235Everyone dreams when they fall asleep. Even if you don’t remember them the next day, you still dream. REM sleep causes some of the most vivid dreams but when you dream at night, you have no control over the brain and how it creates these dreams.

When you use your imagination, while you are awake, however, you can do whatever you want in your mind. If you want to be the most famous musician in the World dating Adrianna Lima, Olivia Wilde, and all the Playboy Playmates from 2013, you can by using your imagination.

It is the holiday season and we are asking you to start using that brain to imagine a World where you have billions of dollars. If you had a billion dollars, what would you buy yourself for Christmas? Here is a list of ideas for the One Percenters out there, since we know so many of them read Gunaxin. For the rest of us, this is just the stuff of fantasy or dreams.


Project Utopia – $680 Million

Project Utopia 560x280

Project Utopia isn’t a boat, it is a cruise ship on speed. This enormous structure is the future of sea travel. From helicopter pads to retail spaces, this city on the water is going to be as exciting to own as it will to be a part of when it does begin setting sail in the near future.

Your Own Private Island – Between $150 and $300 Million

Private fiji island 560x315

Owning your own private island is the newest fad for the World’s richest 1%. You can rent or own islands in Fiji, Panama, Thailand, Greece, Mexico, and about 300 other locations from around the globe.

SpaceX Dragon Space Trip – $20 Million per Seat

SpaceX Dragon Space Trip 560x344

When money doesn’t matter, a wealthy person needs to find other things to buy and a trip to Space is one of those things. You can have your name in the history books as one of the first civilians to fly into Space.


Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 – $95.5 Million

Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 560x318

Anyone can own an iPhone 6 and buy a $4 million dollar case for it but the Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 has a huge REAL pink diamond encrusted into the back and is made of 24-carat gold.

Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose – $2.6 Million

Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Rose 560x373

Surrounded by a 22-ct gold frame and encrusted with 48 diamonds, this is easily the most luxurious TV anyone can buy.

Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop – $1 Million

Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop e1449122000659 560x286

At some point you are going to notice that a lot of these items are designed strictly for the people in the World that have money to waste. This is a laptop that has diamonds encrusted into the casing simply to make it worth a million bucks.

Panasonic 152″ Plasma TV – $500,000

Panasonic TV 560x315

Panasonic has created the World’s largest plasma display TV. You can watch a 3D movie on this Ultra HD 4K display from the comforts of your home.

Platinum MacBook Air – $500,000

Platinum Mac Book Air 560x373

Only 5 units of the Platinum MacBook Air were made. It is one of the heaviest laptops in the World weighing in at 7kg thanks to the fact that it is made of real Platinum.

Stuff to Wear

Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette – $30 Million

Patek Philippe Supercomplication – $24 Million

Patek Philippe Supercomplication 560x365

If you knew what went into the constructing of this watch, you would pay more than the list price of $24 million.

Patek Philippe Ref 1527 – $5.7 Million

Patek Philippe Ref 1527 560x343

There is bling-bling, and then there is style. The Ref 1527 is priced close to $6 million and you can wear it on your wrist.

Stuart Hughes Diamond Men’s Suit – $892,000

Stuart Hughes Diamond Mens Suit 560x541

If you want to wear a diamond studded men’s suit, feel free. But besides the bragging rights involved with owning such a unique article of clothing, it has very little use in everyday life.

Air Jordan Silver – $60,000

Air Jordan Silver 560x341

Air Jordan’s are the most popular sneakers in the World. Yes, these are real Silver and they do weigh 10 pounds. So don’t try to wear them in public, these are more about being displayed than worn in public.

For the Bedroom

The bedroom is the most important room in the house. When money is no longer something you worry about, there is no limit to what you can do. For starters, you can take the World’s most expensive bed sheets and use them on your luxurious Golden bed. Or you can simply use those sheets on your magnetically charged floating bed to impress even the most skeptical of friends.

Charlotte Thomas Bespoke Bed Sheets – $2,400

Charlotte Thomas Bespoke Bed Sheets 560x369

Baldacchino Supreme Gold Bed – $6.3 Million

Baldacchino Supreme Gold Bed 560x406

Magnetic Floating Bed – $1.6 Million

Magnetic Floating Bed 560x291

Home Decor

Owning a home is fun because you can decorate however you want but when you have a billion dollars, your home is not the average suburban family house. So to fill a lot of that dead space in your mansion, hang up a couple paintings and lay down a few rugs.

The Card Players Painting – $260 Million

The Card Players Painting 560x396

Garcon a la Pipe – $104 Million

Garcon a la Pipe 560x274

Silk Isfahan Rug – $44.5 Million

Silk Isfahan Rug 560x349

For Traveling

Toys are a man’s favorite thing to buy when he makes a lot of money. The first purchase most men make after cashing in a giant check is at the car dealership. How about a few of the most amazing cars on the planet? Or maybe you would rather fly around in your own private jet? Either way, you are about to enjoy a hell of a time.

1963 Ferrari GTO – $52 Million

1963 Ferrari GTO 560x290

Learjet 85 – $20.8 Million

Learjet 85 560x275

Maybach Exelero – $8 Million

Maybach Exelero e1449122035147 560x232

Lamborghini Veneno – $4.5 Million

Lamborghini Veneno 560x350

Ecosse ES1 Superbike – $3.6 Million

Ecosse ES1 Superbike 560x397

On the Water

After you get bored on land and in the air, you are going to want to hit the open water in a Superyacht.

Yacht History Supreme – $4.5 Billion

Yacht History Supreme 560x275

100,000kg of Gold and Platinum covers a majority of the surface of this Yacht helping to make it valued at a few billion dollars.

The Monaco 2050 Superyacht – $393 Million

The Monaco 2050 Superyacht e1449122059504 560x211

Cool Stuff

Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure Speakers – $4.7 Million

Hart Audio DW Aural Pleasure Speakers 560x374

Crystal Piano – $3.2 Million

Crystal Piano 560x325

Acapella Sphaeron Excalibur – $325,000

Acapella Sphaeron Excalibur 560x373

Aeromobil Flying Car – $279,000

Aeromobil Flying Car 560x315

The Emperor 200 – $49,000

The Emperor 200 560x333

Hendo Hoverboard – $10,000

Hendo Hoverboard 560x350

For Her

Every man, rich or poor, will eventually be making a purchase that isn’t for himself. These are a few ideas to help.

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond – $80 Million

Wittelsbach Graff Diamond 560x315

The Pink Star Diamond Ring – $72 Million

Pink Ring 560x373

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace – $55 Million

LIncomparable Diamond Necklace 560x350

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra – $2 Million

VC Fantasy Bra 560x373

DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Bottle – $1 Million

DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Bottle e1449121003524 560x244

Chopard De Rigo Vision – $400,000

Chopard De Rigo Vision e1449121023734 560x229


Even the richest people in the World love animals. Their pets are treated like royalty and this is just an example of what is available to them.

Amour, Amour Dog Collar – $480,000

Amour Amour Dog Collar 560x315

For the richest of the rich, a necklace with 1,600 diamonds totaling 52-carats in a chandelier design is one of the most luxurious and ridiculous pet collars anyone can give their pet.

Aquavista Dinosaur Gold Edition – $4.53 Million

Aquavista Dinosaur Gold Edition e1449121044893 560x245

If you spend $5 million on an aquarium, chances are you are going to need some fish to fill it with. There are plenty of fancy fish available but the Platinum Arowana, around $400,000 per, is the most expensive tropical fish money can buy and it belongs in this tank.