Holiday Stand-Up

With Thanksgiving marking the start of the holiday season we thought we’d take a look at some holiday themed Stand Up Comedy. What got me thinking about this was Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special which aired on Comedy Central on Thanksgiving Night, besides he performed at the Pabst Theatre, and how can go wrong with something named after a crappy beer.

Jeff Dunham is a Comedian/Ventriloquist, but don’t let the puppets fool you, he’s funny. Here are a few excerpts from his Christmas special.

Here’s a hilarious sketch off of Jim Gaffigan’s most recent CD, Beyond the Pale. It’s not just about Christmas but it’s one of the best in this list.

Here’s Eddie Izzard giving his crazy cross-dressing thoughts on Christmas. Eddie Izzard currently stars in The Riches on FX.

Here’s Jeff Foxworthy with his 12 Redneck Days of Christmas.

Demetri Martin tells us a short Christmas tale.

And finally, we have Lewis Black ranting about Christmas.