Holy Gaga

03 281x211Living in the pacific time zone often makes for TV spoilers, as all of your east coast and central friends blow up their Facebook and Twitter accounts often spoiling a show that you have to wait to enjoy. However, tonight I owe all of my friends a great big thank you for signaling the end of the human race.

If it were not for almost everyone I know commenting about this thing that is one third woman, one third (possibly being) a man, one third alien, that had graced the stage at the MTV awards. Gaga was not only gracious enough to model  outfits that looked like Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas fashion line, but also belted out a performance that could only be described as jaw dropping. Lady Gaga performed her latest single, “Paparazzi”,  which in this case was not family friendly. I actually enjoyed the performance and replayed it on my DVR, thinking somebody had slipped something into my drink. The longer it went on, the crazier it got. It was like a car crash that I couldn’t turn away from.

Watching this video made me miss the old days of Lady Gaga, skanking it up in hits like, “Just Dance” and “Poker Face.”  She went above and beyond the call of duty tonight. If her stylist isn’t fired tomorrow there is no hope for the music industry. Something tells me this is not the last we have seen of Gaga or her crazy antics but we can only hope and pray. Look below for her “performance”: