Home Entertainment, on a Budget

These days’ people are trying to cut back on spending with the economy being in rough shape.  Whether you are going to college or looking to update your home entertainment system you should take a look at what Sceptre has to offer you. They have LED and LCD TV’s and monitors. The price ranges from $200 to $1200 dollars depending on the size and model.  Some of the units are a HDTV and DVD combo package.

Sceptre TV 560x441

I had the chance to review the Sceptre 19” LED HDTV. Not only does this TV pack a punch while I was watching cableand DVD’s but this also doubles as a computer monitor that produces a strong LED display. If you are going to college and looking to purchase a TV, why not buy a TV that can be transformed to a monitor for your desktop. The 19” LED HDTV is lightweight and slim so traveling with the TV is effortless whether you’re taking the TV to school or switching from one room to another in your house.

Set up is a snap as well. Right out of the box, it took me a good three minutes to connect everything to the TV.  The set comes with a detailed manual on where and how to set up all the components for your TV. You can hook up a DVD player, video game consoles with not one but two HDMI connection ports, ports to hook up your digital audio receiver, and there is a USB port that connects to flash drives for playing music and can also update the TV’s firmware. Plus there is a connection for your headphones.

Looking to stay green and help out the ol’ environment? Then there is another great aspect of the Sceptre TV line. The monitor takes less energy to run and it keeps down your electric bill. Check out their site at www.sceptre.com and find the TV that is right for you.