Honda HSS1332AT “Big Red” Snowblower : Review

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It goes without saying, but shoveling snow sucks. Like really sucks. Why put yourself through that misery when their are badass snowblowers out there? Trust me, after a year of using Honda’s HSS1332AT, which I affectionately named “Big Red”, shoveling snow makes about as much sense as watching paint dry. Tell Winter “nice try pal” and get yourself this bad boy. Your back will thank you. Check it out in my video below:

Big Red is one of Honda’s largest snowblowers on the market. It is a 2-stage, track driven blower powered by a 389cc GX OHV engine. With its adjustable auger height, you can clear a 32″ wide path however deep you want to go. It clears up to 2750 lb./min of snow and mercilessly tosses up to 56 feet away (right onto your neighbor’s driveway).

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Our test model came with a pull start that never let us down while an electric start is an option as well. It is priced at $3189 for the manual start and $3399 for the automatic.

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“Driving” or operating the snowblower is, well, an interesting dance to learn. It is so powerful and the tracks stick so well, we constantly found ourselves falling to the ground while Big Red stared at us. Also, as much as we tried (and trust me I did), I failed to get it stuck or into a situation it couldn’t blow its way through. It is just so powerful.

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Besides learning the ropes on which lever to push to turn left or right and how much pressure to put on the levers for a sharper or more lax turn, Big Red did an amazing job. In fact, I would often clear my sidewalk, my neighbor’s sidewalk, his neighbor’s sidewalk and my neighbors across the street before heading back in. With the 32″ width, it cleared the sidewalks with one pass, so why not do everybody’s sidewalks? Plus, I was barely worn out after doing mine.

IMG 3734 750 560x420About the only thing I have to gripe about is the short gas shut-off lever. As per the instructions, I dutifully turned off the gas after each use. Turning it off and on required me to remove my gloves to push the handle back and forth since the lever was located in such a place, it was tough to access. Another 1″ or 2″ of metal for the lever and this problem goes away.

IMG 9440 750 560x420In the end, sure the snowblower was overkill for my needs (and frustrating lack of deeper snow), but really who cares? Nobody. Like driving a sports car in California and sitting in the 405 traffic, it doesn’t matter that you spent a million bucks. It matters how badass you feel. This snowblower is pure badass and you need one. Trust me.

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Check out Honda Power Equipment for more information, and we’ll leave you with their video showing Big Red tackling some larger piles of snow: