Horse-Training Car Revealed

KurtSystems7Move over, D. Wayne Lukas. There’s a car coming out that can help train horses. Yes, a car. It’s made by Kurtsystems, of Istanbul, Turkey. While suggests this is something the Amish will be into, I’d bet my hooves that the horse racing industry, with their millions of dollars made from racing and selling horse sperm, will be more likely to give these vehicles a try.


The Kurtsystems car can be used for:

“on-track or off-track use suitable for racehorses, trotters, endurance and camel training fully adjustable and controlled speeds from walking pace to galloping at up to 16m/sec (60 km/h). Safe controlled training programs and performance evaluation. Confirm training intensity, with built-in hearth rate monitors. Allows trainers carry out regular fitness tests and comparisons.”