How Much Do You Pay for the Crap You Don’t Watch?

time warner cable sucks

As a great philosopher once said: "DIE MOTHERF**KERS DIE MOTHERF**KERS DIE!"

Did you ever wonder how, exactly, the cable fee you pay every month gets broken down? Well, tough noogies, because the cable companies really, really like to keep that secret, even when they’re arguing over how much to charge you for something you can get for free. Or did, because now the cat’s out of the bag.

The breakdown of who gets what is really interesting: ESPN makes up the bulk of what you’re paying for, so if you don’t care about sports, you’re getting screwed. How screwed? Try 40% of your bill screwed.

Of course, cable companies could just offer individual channels as an ala carte package, but according to them, tiered service is more convenient. Uh huh, sure, right, whatever. Hey, remember that guide we put together about ditching your cable provider? Just thought you might want to look at that.