How to Build a PC Gaming Station

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Console gaming is fun, but if you want to be a really serious gamer, a desktop gaming system is where it’s at. The ultimate in desktop gaming is a multi-monitor setup like you see above, which some call a Battlestation. Advanced games like The Elder Scrolls Online are taking advantage of this multi-screen setup, so you’ve got to get on-board to fully immerse yourself in the game play.

MC Large 04 300x292Back in the day, we used to build our gaming rigs from scratch after a trip to the Computer Show, but that’s old school. These days, the good folks at Best Buy have everything you need to build the ultimate PC gaming system, including a gaming desktop, which is most crucial. You’re going to want a new Windows 10 machine with plenty of memory and graphics power to keep up with the latest games. You’ll also be able to find the monitors, gaming keyboard, mouse, headset and even Philips hue LightStrips for customizable backlight.

The monitors are clearly the stars of the show, and when you’re not playing a multi-monitor enabled game, they can be utilized to multi-task while you dominate. We’re also pretty fond of that desk and the lighting effects, as they really set the mood and can set your gaming space apart. This sweet Battlestation is just one part of Best Buy’s Ultimate Man Cave, which has been constructed to give you ideas of how you can take your space to the next level with the latest tech. Turn your tired old basement into something man-tastic!

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The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.