How To Combat Hat Hair with Old Spice

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Two weeks ago, we shared with you some new swaggerized products from Old Spice that we’ve been testing on our own hair. Now that we’ve had more time with the product, today we have some tips for you on “How to Combat Hat Hair.” If you’d like to get your own hands on the product so you can Smell Legendary too, we have your chance with a sweet prize pack below.

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First, let’s talk about hats. I have an extensive hat collection, and tend to wear them in informal settings throughout the year. That is especially true at sporting events and when the sun is shining bright. Invariably there comes a moment when it’s time to take off the hat and get ready for a slightly more formal setting like dinner. Normally I hop in the shower and freshen up, but sometimes that isn’t an option. Now, thanks to Old Spice, I have a new strategy when I’m pressed for time.

How to Combat “Hat Hair”

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Tips from Old Spice & Celebrity Groomer, Benjamin Thigpen

Start with Old Spice Swagger Gel – Simply apply a small amount (no more than nickel size) to your fingertips and rub together before applying to the hat line.
Keep it Dry – Make sure your hair is completely dry and styled before wearing the hat. Otherwise, your hair will flatten and take the hat’s shape when wet.

  • Hat Indentation Quick Fix – Use your fingertips to press and start rubbing the hat line out. Think of your fingertips as an eraser!
  • Water Works – In a pinch and without product? Wet your hands with water and flick excess off. Start with a small amount because you can’t unwet your hair. Remember, it’s just a quick touch up!
  • Hats Off to Hats – Many guys wear hats on a daily basis, and hats can also be cleverly used as a styling tool. They work great to bring down hair volume, or to help keep Swagger-styled hair in place from home to your destination.

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The Old Spice “Hats Off to Smell Legendary Hair” Giveaway includes:
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