Get ‘Em Drunk with Jungle Juice

Party e1345668329920 560x296The goal of throwing a party is to ensure that guests enjoy themselves. It’s equally important to impress attendees with your hospitality and cleverness. When it comes to alcohol, men all too often assume that the way to please a crowd is to shell out hundreds of bucks on bottles of top-shelf liquors, on kegs or cases of craft beers, and even on a decent wine selection. While context matters — sometimes a classy party calls for high-brow booze — most of the time all you need to do to impress your guests is get them wasted.

The best method for achieving this is jungle juice. If it’s been a while since you’ve been around such a concoction or if you’ve never made a batch of it, follow this guide to get it right.

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Why Jungle Juice is Awesome

  1. It’s cheap. You don’t have to buy Skyy, Beefeater, or anything of the sort to make a good batch of jungle juice. In fact, cheap liquor is more appropriate for such a beverage. However, it’s recommended that you use decent fruit juices and fresh fruit, although Kool-Aid is popular with some crowds.
  2. It’s easy. It’s nearly impossible to screw up jungle juice. Part of it’s charm is that, like a mad scientist, you can just mix together whatever you want without measuring ingredients and still end up with something delicious. You can add more liquor or juice on the fly over the course of the night to ensure that the bowl never goes empty.
  3. It’s a crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t like a sweet, fruity, alcohol-infused beverage served from a large, tacky bowl into cheap plastic cups? While your bros probably don’t get down with pina coladas, they’ll dig jungle juice. And women absolutely love it.
  4. It gets everybody sloshed. Even with huge amounts of various types of alcohol in the mix, it’s hard to taste the booze. As a result, people tend to drink it much more quickly than they would a normal cocktail, glass of wine, or a beer even though it’s way boozier. Your buddies will be pleasantly buzzed, and the ladies will get drunk quickly.
  5. It’s fun. If you’re in college, it goes without saying that parties featuring jungle juice are popular. If you’re older, it provides party goers with fond memories of their past partying.

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How to Make Jungle Juice

Having a recipe for jungle juice is essentially a contradiction, so here just a few general guidelines:

  1. Mix in various hard liquors. Rum, gin, vodka, whiskey, Everclear, SoCo, 151 — it doesn’t matter. Pour it all in. No need to measure. If it’s not spiked enough, dump in more as the night progresses.
  2. Mix in a variety of fruit juices. Whatever you can get: orange, apple, grape, apple, pineapple, grapefruit, cranberry — whatever you like. It’s recommended that you use high-quality, natural fruit juices, but it’s not essential. As noted above, using Kool-Aid is an alternative.
  3. Chop up various fruits and toss it in. Pieces of pineapple, lemons, oranges, apples, and other fruits add more delicious natural fruit flavor to the concoction. Frozen fruit is also a nice option.
  4. A decent amount of ice. Jungle juice is best served cold, and if the alcohol you add is room temperature, then the batch won’t be as chilled as it should be. Add a good amount of ice, but not too much — you don’t want to water down the liquor or the fruit flavor.
  5. Mix everything in a large container, and serve out of it or out of a tacky bowl. If you use a garbage can or large bucket, be sure that it’s brand new and store-bought. The mixing and/or serving container allows for a great deal of creativity.

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Again, over the course of the party you can frequently taste-test it and get your guests’ recommendations as well. Add booze and ingredients as needed. One final note: there are variations of jungle juice that are worth considering. You can ask each guest to bring an ingredient, which can be fun. Also, it’s common to mix frozen fruit juice concentrate with Everclear in a large container and do it that way. Regardless of the recipe, method, or serving container, prepare yourself for a good time and a drunk crowd.