How to Recharge Your Automotive Air Conditioning With A/C Pro

AC Pro 3 560x280This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of A/C Pro.

All opinions are 100% mine.

The summer heat is coming, and it is time to make sure your automotive air-conditioning is working optimally. There is nothing worse than driving your vehicle in the summer when the only thing coming out of the vents is hot air. This week the temperatures were already in the nineties at Gunaxin HQ, and our whip shown above is a 2008 model, so the A/C doesn’t blow as cold as it once did. Thanks to the folks at A/C Pro, we were able to fix that problem easily at home, without the need for an expensive trip to the mechanic.

A/C Pro Recharge Kit is the brand’s professional formula and an all-in-one solution with no need to additional special tools. It replaces lost refrigerant and oil in automotive A/C system, and cools the interior of your car with colder, drier air. We’re not going to lie, messing around with refrigerant and the pressurized air conditioning system in our vehicle is a bit intimidating, but the A/C Pro Recharge Kit couldn’t be any simpler. There are just three main steps :

Step #1 : Connect the Hose

AC Pro Quick Connect 560x280Locate low pressure port with Port Finder & attach the quick connect fitting.

Step #2 : Pull Trigger

AC PRO Trigger 560x280While charging, rotate the can from 12 to 3 o’clock every few seconds.

Step #3 : Check the Gauge

AC Pro Gauge 560x280Check gauge pressure when compressor cycles on & stop when in “V” range.

While its definitely easy, the three step thing is a bit of a marketing ploy, because when we opened up the attached instruction sheet, there were eight steps listed out in full detail. Don’t be intimidated though, as the additional steps and details just involve turning on your air conditioning at max, finding the service port, checking to make sure the compressor is running, setting the ambient temperature on the gauge, shaking the bottle and other easy to perform steps.

AC Pro 4 560x280We’re manly men, so none of that was difficult at all to accomplish. However, beware if you overcharge your air-conditioning, you will need to take your vehicle to a mechanic to release the pressure. So you’ll want to make sure you do things correctly, and this video is definitely helpful in showing the entire process from start to finish:

Now we’re all ready for the hot summer months, and our air conditioning is pumping out air that is colder than ever. Is your car’s air conditioning weak or even blowing hot air? It’s time to give it a recharge, and A/C Pro is the easiest most cost effective solution to do just that. Do-it-yourself in about 10 minutes with A/C Pro, available at a variety of retailers for about $35.