Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Dead-or-Alive Checklist

Rockn Wrestling 560x314With the demise of Saturday Morning Cartoons, we started thinking about one of our favorite sports related cartoons ever. In 1985, CBS aired Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling on Saturday mornings. Sure, the show only lasted 26 episodes and hasn’t been on television since 1987, but episodes are now on YouTube! Kids today don’t even know what they’re missing.

Watching that makes us wonder: How many of those folks are still alive? has the answers. But that list is exhaustive, so let’s look only at the cast of the cartoon. Also check out the list of oldest living wrestlers. I did learn something which researching this article: The wrestlers didn’t do their own voices for this show. It was like learning there is no Santa Claus.

char 11975 75x75 Captain Lou Albano Dead. (7/29/1933 – 10/14/2009)

Picture 113 75x75 Rowdy Roddy Piper Dead. (4/17/1954 -7/31/2015)

char 11977 75x75 Superfly Jimmy Snuka Dead. (5/18/1943 – 1/15/2017)

char 11985 75x75 Wendi Richter Alive. (9/6/1961)

Picture 118 75x75 The Fabulous Moolah Dead. (7/22/23–11/2/2007)

Picture 112 75x75 Hillbilly Jim Alive. (7/5/1952)

Picture 117 75x75 Nikolai Volkoff Dead. (10/14/47-7/29/18)

hulk hogan1 75x75 Hulk Hogan Alive. (8/11/1953)

sa1271 e1306043654934 75x75 André the Giant Dead. (5/19/46–1/27/93)

Picture 115 75x75 Mr. Fuji Dead. (5/4/1935 -8/28/2016)

BWdQBibjWtWR7iK e1306043564509 75x75 Junkyard Dog Dead. (12/13/1952–6/2/1998)

Picture 116 75x75 The Iron Sheik Alive. (3/15/1943)

Picture 119 75x75 Big John Studd Dead. (2/19/1948–3/20/1995)

Hogan25 e1306044203151 75x75 Tito Santana Alive. (5/10/1953)

Mean Gene Cartoon 75x75 “Mean” Gene Okerlund Alive. (11/29/1942)

char 11987 150x150 Bobby “The Brain” Heenan Dead. (11/1/1944-9/17/2017)

Last updated: 7/29/2018