Hyde from That ’70s Show Gets a New Gig


Danny Masterson, aka Hyde from That ’70s Show, has been relatively quiet since his cash cow was put out to pasture in 2006. Well, he’s back. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spike TV has picked up the pilot to a show called Playing With Guns (hence the photo above), which co-stars Masterson and Joey Kern from Cabin Fever and Super Troopers.

The duo play childhood buds who decide to become police officers in their hometown just so they can reap the benefits that come with the job. This premise has potential. Being a local cop would be kinda awesome. Think about it, you get a gun, a fancy uniform, even a sweet set of wheels. Shit! I chose the wrong line of work.

The pilot begins shooting sometime this month. No word on when Spike plans to air it.

Here’s a video of Hyde doing something all of us would love to do: repeatedly beat the piss out of Ashton Kutcher.