I Still Hate Ron Hextall

ron hextall flyers 87 75x75It’s been about ten years since longtime Philadelphia Flyer goaltender Ron Hextall retired, and as I was playing around on Youtube, I ran into several videos of him, reminding me of how much I hated him. He’s the Bill Laimbeer of the NHL. Sure, Philly fans (aka jerkasses), loved him, but if you were a fan of one of the other old Patrick Division teams, no player is more hated than this guy, even now. Let’s take a look at why Hextall was such a jerk:

Hextall Jumps Chelios

Slashes Ken Nillson

Lots of violence

Flyers vs. Caps

vs Alain Chevrier

vs Felix Potvin

shoots puck at Jovanovski