iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

icadeThinkGeek brings yet another awesome April Fool’s Day gag product to life with the iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet. With the first two waves of orders already completely sold out, it’s a proven fact that this is a gaming geek’s wet dream. In just a few easy steps, the iCade goes from box to old school arcade using your iPad, it’s Bluetooth connection and a full size joystick and buttons. The iCade further nails it with the artwork on the sides of the cabinet, the faux-wood paneling on the front console and the all-important quarter slot. Once you slide the iPad (original or iPad2) into the holder, you pair it with the iCade as you would an earpiece with a cell phone. After that you must download the Atari Greatest Hits package which is $14.99 in the App Store and once that is installed, you are gaming like you (or your parents) did in the 80s. Assuming the iCade takes off, look for more games to add iCade compatability, especially with ThinkGeek open sourcing the code to developers. I swore I would never get one, but this may make me buy an iPad, or learn some serious hacking skills.