Ice Girls of the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals

Ice Girls 2012 560x227

When it comes to NHL Ice Girls, there are vast differences among NHL teams. Some teams have female only squads which come out on the ice in skimpy outfits and push the ice around with snow shovels, while other teams have a dance team or spirit squad which is limited to off-ice activities. Some teams employ a combination of both, and still other more conservative teams have no such squad at all. The two teams competing for the Stanley Cup in the finals are good examples of the variety that exists in the National Hockey League.

Devils Dancers 560x227

The New Jersey Devils are among the teams which employ a dance squad, but they do not currently clean the ice. They are called the Devils Dancers, and as you can see by the photos below, their main activities involve posing with fans and dancing during games in an area that does not distract from the action on the ice. Lucky for us, the New York Rangers failed to make the Cup Final, as they are among the NHL teams who have stubbornly refused to add such forms of entertainment to their arena.

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Kings Ice Crew2 560x227

The Los Angeles Kings are on the fairly liberal side of the NHL Ice Girl spectrum, employing a bevy of beauties who not only clean the ice, but also dance and pose with fans. The squad does include some males, but we do our best to avoid picturing them. Their promotional activities are extensive, creating bikini calendars and videos, sending out promotional material to sites like ours, and they have a full website dedicated to the Kings Ice Crew. We tried to stick to just photos of these ladies performing their primary functions in the gallery below, but we’ve previously featured them with a far more extensive gallery.

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