Ice Girls of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals

Stanley Cup 2013 Ice Girls2 560x227When it comes to NHL Ice Girls, there are vast differences among NHL teams. Some teams have female only squads which come out on the ice in skimpy outfits and push the ice around with snow shovels, while other teams have a dance team or spirit squad which is limited to off-ice activities. Some teams employ a combination of both, and still other more conservative teams have no such squad at all.

Lucky for us, the two teams competing for the Stanley Cup in the finals have fairly liberal squads of Ice Girls, with exposed midriffs and cleavage. They’re even allowed on the ice, much to the delight of the men in the crowd. So for the first Stanley Cup match-up of Original Six teams since the late 70s, we’re proud to present the Ice Girls of the Stanley Cup Finals :

Blackhawks Ice Crew 560x227The Chicago Blackhawks Ice Girls, the “Ice Crew”, are among the hottest in the league, and sponsored by Bud Light. Although we’ve profiled them in the past, we’re back with some new photos in honor of their Stanley Cup appearance. As you can see, a big part of their responsibilities includes clearing the ice with those shovels. By the looks of this squad, the underdog Bruins and their Ice Girls have their work cut out for them.

Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew 01 560x281

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Bruins Ice Girls 560x227The Boston Bruins Ice Girls haven’t historically been as sexy as the Chicago squad, but we welcome the plunging necklines of their latest costumes. These lucky ladies don’t appear to be forced into manual labor by shoveling the ice, but they do skate around and pump up the crowd. We found the hottest photos of the Bruins Ice Girls on the web, so you can judge for yourself how they stack up again the Hawks Crew.

Boston Bruins Ice Girls 01 560x217

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