Maybe He Should Ice That: Gruesome Sports Injuries

header15Warning : Don’t Scroll down if you don’t want to see Ware’s Injury.

Although professional athletes have spent years turning their bodies into precision machines, even the most well seasoned pro isn’t invulnerable to injuries. Maybe they zigged when they should have zagged or simply came up against a stronger opponent. No matter what the excuse, sometimes bones just snap.

As Kevin Ware’s injury during March Madness shows us, you never know when it’s going to happen. Amazingly he was able to check out of the hospital and join his team in celebrating their National Championship last night, but recovery doesn’t always come that quickly.

This gallery highlights some of the most horrendous sports injuries caught on film. No amount of pregame warm up or stretching could have prevented the injures in this gallery. You’re sure to cringe at some of these pictures when you see body parts bending in ways they were never intended. This gallery is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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