iChair Review

ichairHow many times have you found yourself annoyingly trying to prop up your iDevice to avoid having to hold it while watching a tv show or movie or doing some extended facetiming?  The iChair line of iDevice cases add a kickstand to your gadget to keep your hands free. Available for the iPod Touch, iPhones 3 & 4, and the iPad, every iChair comes with an extra different colored bottom half, screen protector, dust cloth and squeegee board and holds your device both straight up and on it’s side.  The iPod Touch case is available for both 2nd & 3rd generations, with a 4th gen on the way, the iPhone 3G/S and new iPhone 4, including the Verizon version, and finally the iPad version, which really shines with an extra second stand built in to give you a slight tilt for typing.  The other nice thing about the iChair is that it isn’t very bulky and still offers two layers of protection for your gadgets.  Definitely worth the investment. $34, $49 from iChair.