No More Fighting Over Outlets With IDAPT i4

So we want to use technology to make our lives easier without taking up too much time. What better way than to recharge our gadgets all at once? Less time and more power is how the IDAPT i4 thinks and works. You can simultaneously charge four different devices and take away the mess of cord clutter with just one charger. The IDAPT i4 has three tip ports and one USB port with an LED light indicating system to let you know when all of your toys are fully charged.

4 1g 300x197Plus the IDAPT has an interchangeable quick release tip system that allows you to create your own charging system. So you if you have an iPod, Garmin, Blackberry, and a PSP then you have a way to charge all four at once. The IDAPT i4 is compatible with over four thousand electronic devices. No more fighting over outlets.

1212121212 300x289Another great feature of the IDAPT i4 is that the charging unit saves you money. The LED lights indicate the charging status of each device and all you need to do is unplug the i4 when all the gadgets are charged. In addition to saving on energy, the i4 also adapts with technology. The makers update the charger adapters when new devices are available. This is a great feature because every new cell phone I got would require a new charger.

20g1212121 300x283To make your life easier, make sure you pick the IDAPT i4. You can pick up the IDAPT i4 in many different colors, including black, blue, green, orange, red, silver, and white. For under $60.00 you can pick up this device at Check out their site and look at the many ways the i4 will improve your tech life and keep money in your wallet.