In the Playroom by Jonathan Hobin

In the playroom The twins 560x430

The Twins

CNN did a feature today on this series of photos, from Jonathan Hobin, which were first exhibited in 2010. Here is a description :

In the Playroom is a metaphor for the impossibility of a protective space safe from the reach of modern media. The quizzical disposition of youth and the pervasive nature of the media are symbolically represented in my images through tableau-vivant re-enactments of the very current events that adults might wish to keep out of their child’s world. Just as children make a game of pretending to be adults as a way to prepare and ultimately take on these roles in later life, so too do they explore things that they hear or see, whether or not they completely understand the magnitude of the event or the implications of their play.

Apparently they are attracting some negative attention for exploiting children. Surely this photo set has a much nobler intention than what children are normally exploited for, so I’m willing to give the photographer a pass here. Can you figure out which event each of these photos is depicting?

In the playroom A Boo grave 560x398

A Boo Grave

In the playroom American Idol 560x399

American Idol

In the playroom Boxing Day 560x399

Boxing Day

In the playroom Dear Lander 560x399

Dear Leader

In the playroom Dianas dead 560x399

Diana's Dead

In the playroom Spring Break 560x399

Spring Break

In the playroom The Saints 560x399

The Saints

In the playroom Vegas Wedding 560x399

Vegas Wedding

In the playroom White Nights 560x399

White Nights

In the playroom 39 lashes 560x399

39 Lashes

In the playroom Seal Heart 560x399

Seal Heart