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IndieDoGood 560x373In a world that sometimes seems hopelessly corporate, there are a few trends that shine light on a different way of doing business. Independent entrepreneurs who are driven to make good products while doing good for their community truly inspire us. That is why we are proud to bring you the story of Indie Do Good, a community of entrepreneurs, independent makers, do gooders and those who support them.

indie do good shore boards handmade is the home of maker stories and their products. They don’t sell typical mass-market corporate crap that you can find at the big-box store. They specialize in featuring unique products that are boldly crafted by independent makers. Every purchase on the site includes a “do-good”… a 5% donation of the total purchase price to the customer’s favorite charity. founders Ron and Sue Otten are enthralled with the Maker Movement. This began when their passion for giving back to charities and local communities converged with their desire to provide an environment where entrepreneurs can tell their story, quickly go to market, and bring high-quality, artisanal products to shoppers around the world.

indie do good shoreboards beach 560x294There are several cool products offered at, but our favorite is Shore Boards. They started by building hollow-wood paddle boards which can be customized and are gorgeous pieces of art. Don’t expect a mass-produced cheap product from Shore Boards though, their top-quality, heirloom boards are handmade with sustainable materials. They now offer Paddle Boards (SUPs), Longboards, and Wakesurf boards. See their story in the video below:

When you purchase a product from one of Indie Do Good’s Makers you are supporting the independent thinking that continues to inspire growth and change in our communities and the world. Visit to see the ever-growing list of unique Maker Movement products, and check out the video below to meet more of the makers:

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