Indisposable Comforts of Spring

Schick TheIndisposables 01 560x280

Gunaxin is participating in #TheIndisposables sponsored series
with Schick® Xtreme3® via Socialstars.

The weather is getting warmer, the grass is getting greener, and spring is in the air. Spring is a time for new beginnings, and we look forward to some indisposable comforts that we can’t live without this time of year…

The Shades

Schick TheIndisposables 1 560x280The sun is shining, and whether we’re in the car, at the ballpark, on the water, or just in our backyard, we always need a nice pair of sunglasses in the Spring to keep us comfortable.

The Cap

Schick TheIndisposables 2 560x280Baseball season is finally underway, so it’s time to put away the toque and break out the ball cap. Every team has a chance at the Pennant when the season is new, so wear your colors proudly. Gunaxin is based in Baltimore, so the Oriole’s orange is our color of choice. Go O’s!

The Razor

Schick TheIndisposables 4 560x280It’s been a long winter, and the beard has served its purpose keeping us warm, but now it’s time for a clean shave for the new beginning of Spring. Plus the hockey playoffs are about to begin, and all playoff beards must start with a fresh shave. We recommend a Schick® Xtreme3® razor with vitamin E and aloe to get the job done comfortably.

The Radio

Schick TheIndisposables 3 560x280The more time we spend outside or in the car, the more we turn to the radio to keep us entertained. There is just something comforting about working outside while listening to play-by-play of the baseball game on the radio. Your father didn’t need an iPad streaming video of the game out in his garage, and neither do you.

The Beer

Schick TheIndisposables 5 560x280Is there anything more comfortable in Spring than cracking open a cold beer and sitting out on your back deck? Ok, maybe cracking open a cold beer and sitting out on your boat.

The Grill

Schick TheIndisposables 61 560x280The smell, the sound, the taste. Nothing beats firing up the grill and cooking a great meal for your friends or family. The snow has finally melted, and it’s time to get back out there and grill again.

The Dog

Schick TheIndisposables 7 560x280We’ve been known to grill nearly anything, but by far the easiest and most comforting is a good beef hot dog. It’s the perfect meat treat to serve on a spring day spent outside listening to baseball on the radio.