The Ultimate Radio

There are many forms of radios on the market. There is the basic terrestrial radio, satellite radio, and HD radio. How about combining all forms of radio with one that is a wireless radio and a media streamer? Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not fiction; it’s the Innovator II by Grace Digital Audio. You can listen to thousands of free Internet radio stations, Pandora, Sirius, music from your MP3 player, and your personal media files. The Innovator II is your one stop shop for the only radio you will need for your home. All you need is Wi-Fi access.

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With the iheartradio feature, I can listen to my favorite radio stations where I used to live while living in the New Jersey. As soon as I registered my Innovator II, the radio picked up all of my stations that were on my Pandora account online. Plus, you can bookmark and purchase songs from Amazon or iTunes without even turning on your computer.

You can hook up the Innovator II to your home stereo system and you can control your radio on your iPhone or iTouch with an app from Apple. Plus, you can use a 1/8” input jack to connect your iPod or MP3 player to the radio. Besides Pandora and Sirius, there are other stations that you can check out on the Innovator II. You can connect the radio to and MP3 tunes.

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Set up is a snap and if you need help, there are tech friendly people to guide you. I had a quick question about my radio the call center was very helpful.

The Innovator II allows you to adjust the dual band equalizer to make your music sound as though you are listening to it live. There are speakers in the front and back of the radio to produce a dynamic sound. The LCD display on the radio is clear and you can adjust your settings on what will be displayed on the screen. There is a clock and an alarm feature on the Innovator II which has five individual alarms and you can wake up to music or a buzzer sound.

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The Innovator II has a sleek style and it is compact. You can get the radio in white or black and is perfect for the home or office. Check out all the many great features that are on the Innovator II at their website at