Insane Mexican Baseball Fight

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From the Show to Mexico...

This is fresh out of Mexico from the 16th, in a game between Mexicali and Obregon. Let me describe what’s happening…

The pitcher, Alejandro Martinez (spent three years in the Yankees’ system and this past season in the Mexican League), tries to pick off baserunner Jeff Salazar, a former Rockies and Diamondbacks prospect who has been bouncing around the minors and majors for years now.

The throw hits Salazar and he looks just a tad bit perturbed.

Returning to second, he bumps into second baseman Oswaldo Morejon, who also spent 2010 in the Mexican League. Morejon looks none too pleased at that, and the two trade words. Salazar takes a swing and Morejon and is jumped from behind by Martinez.

My favorite part of the video follows that turn of events.

After getting jumped, Salazar goes down (and stays down) like he’s been shot while the dugouts empty and the players brawl around him. Three of Salazar’s teammates either jump over his prone body or run around him to get at the Mexicali players without even checking on their teammate.

I have no idea why he stays down so long. The pickoff throw hit him in the back, and Martinez weighs 165 pounds. It’s not as if Salazar was getting tackled by a linebacker.

As much as I love baseball, this proves one thing: American baseball players are pussies.