Intel Technology Experience at Best Buy

Intel Experience 560x419Research shows that while most (79%) Americans are excited about the chance to learn and try out new technologies, half are frustrated by the lack of access to them beyond what they read or see in the media. In an effort to satisfy that need, the folks at Intel and Best Buy have teamed up to bring the Intel Technology Experience to 50 Best Buy stores in major markets across the United States.

We recently visited the Maryland location, to see first hand what the Intel Technology Experience had to offer. The zone occupies about 240 square feet in our local Best Buy and allows customers – from tech enthusiasts to technophobes – play, explore, and be inspired by the power of technology with hands-on activities like 3D printing and virtual reality games. For many, this is the first opportunity to see, touch, and play with exciting new technologies they’ve only heard about.

Intel Experience 2 560x419The Intel Technology Experience shows customers the power of Intel: the technology behind these new, innovative activities is the same power behind the devices like tablets and laptops we love and rely on every day. There were a variety of activities offered, but we were particularly interested in the station that allowed us to build and print our own custom 3D robot. While we’ve seen 3D printers before, this was our first chance to have hands-on experience, and we were excited by the possibilities.

Intel Activities 560x419Other activities included driving a Mars Rover in an augmented reality world and mastering beats and remix tracks by Ne-Yo as a digital DJ. Of course you could also check out the latest PC and tablet devices powered by Intel processors. The area is staffed by specially trained Best Buy Blue Shirts to answer questions and help customers make the most of each area within the experience. Each season, Intel will refresh the venues with a new array of technology experiences.

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The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.