The Intergalactic Football League

Star Wars Playoffs 560x112Pop-culture mashed-up with sports logos is an art form that always delights us, so we were both stoked and shocked when we found this set from artist Jonathan Raya. Stoked because it’s totally amazing, and shocked because we couldn’t believe they were created in 2012, and we are just seeing them now. Jonathan has expertly combined the world of Star Wars with the National Football League and has created his Intergalactic Football League set. The two images below are organized by division and league, and many of his choices are just brilliant. The images are expertly rendered and we can’t imagine a more perfect union :

NFC Star Wars 560x794

AFC Star Wars 560x794We can’t wait for this weekend’s playoff match-ups. We’re picking the Nal Hutta Huts over the Toydaria Wattos, and the Coruscant Jedis over the Mos Eisley Troopers. Here are the same logos in greater detail for your viewing pleasure :