Interview with Rapper Ace Hood

AceHood 17

Florida born rapper Ace Hood has seen a steady rise in popularity over the past few years working on DJ Khaled’s “We The Best Music Group.” After releasing a successful album in both 2008 (Gutta) and 2009 (Ruthless), he will be back on August 9th with a new album entitled Blood, Sweat, and Tears. His newest single “Body 2 Body” features Chris Brown and looks like it could be his most popular track to date. He was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk with me about his career and upcoming album.

JC: Can you talk about how you managed to come under DJ Khaled’s wings and end up working on his record label?

AH: I ran up on Khaled at the radio station. Just one day popped up, didn’t have any meeting or anything but I wanted to perform at his birthday bash so I figured I’d go perform for him and catch it all on video. He was on his way to a meeting so he asked for a CD. I figured he’d never listen to it but that night I got a call that he loved the hunger in my voice and wanted to hear me on a bigger record. Soon after he sent me the instrumental for “I’m So Hood” and I killed it. A couple weeks later I was sitting in his office talking WE THE BEST.

JC: Coming up as a rapper, who did you look up to? Was there any particular artist or style that inspired you or that you tried to emulate when you were starting out?

AH: Nah, not really anyone I tried to emulate, I have a unique sound. But I grew up listening to T.I., Wayne, Trick Daddy… I loved Canibus. I’m just a huge fan of music in general. 

JC: Talk about what we can expect on the new album, in terms of sound and guest appearances. Is there a track you are particularly proud of?

AH: I’m proud of every track that I recorded on this album. It is a big album, really big sounding. I have a few favorites but it’s all so real. The music is really based on day to day life, what really goes on out here in the neighborhood, what I’ve endured as an artist, as a man, as a person. It’s definitely timeless music…years from now you’ll be able to continue playing Blood, Sweat & Tears.

JC: Talk about working with Chris Brown on your latest single “Body 2 Body”

AH: Working with Chris Brown was big. He’s the ultimate superstar. My homie Kevin Cossom wrote the reference and I sat on it for about 2 months listening to it over and over. I thought Chris was perfect for it, but being that we are always on the road we weren’t able to be in the studio together. He wanted to be a part of it though and told me not to give it to anyone else. He cut his part and sent it back to me ASAP and I loved it. I feel like it’s definitely going to be one of my biggest records. We shot the video for it in LA a few weeks ago too so look out for that.

A big thanks to Ace for taking the time to answer some questions. Here’s his latest track.