The Most Intimidating Players in the NFL

ray lewis

Ray Lewis will be intimidating until he's six feet under

Every player in the NFL has talent, but who are the guys that truly strike fear in their opponents?

This list is based on a player’s intensity and ferocity on the field, not necessarily his talent or production. Never underestimate the intimidation factor.

10. Troy Polamalu: The Head & Shoulders commercials hurt his stock a bit, but he’s still the hardest hitting defensive back in the NFL.

Polamalu 560x3359. Brian Urlacher: He hasn’t aged quite as gracefully as Ray Lewis, but his intensity hasn’t wavered. He’ll call guys out on both sides of the ball, and has a grimace that can’t be taught.

8. Terrell Suggs: He talks a lot, but his numbers may as well be just as predictable as his mouth. His physical dominance on the field speaks for itself, and double-digit sacks follow.

7. Justin Smith: Has passed Brian Urlacher in the intimidating white guy standings. His dominance and relentlessness in the playoffs included some jaw-dropping plays.

6. Marshawn Lynch: As much as he may look like one, he isn’t an escaped convict to my knowledge. His running style is bruising to say the least, but he made a name for himself as a balanced running back this past season in Seattle.

lynch hit 560x3505. Jared Allen: The guy hunts with a crossbow, and did so with a mullet until he shaved it for his wedding. Psycho rednecks are always unpredictable. He came a half sack short of Michael Strahan’s individual sack record

4. Patrick Willis: We all know Jared Allen, he talks constantly. No one knows Patrick Willis, which makes him even scarier. The guy keeps to himself, and has muscles that make Hulk Hogan’s facial hair curl.

3. Ray Lewis: This may seem like an early entrance in a ranking partially based on intensity, but make no mistake, Lewis should be regarded as an on-field terror until his heart stops beating. He just doesn’t play dirty.

2. Ndamukong Suh: He says his excessively rough play isn’t intentional, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Regardless, Suh is already one of the most dominant interior linemen in the history of the league.

suh hit 560x3151. James Harrison: Helping finance the NFL since 2004, Harrison has been the subject of multiple fines for illegal hits. If you’re looking for a representative for the definition of reckless abandon, he’s your guy.