Jose Cuervo Light Margarita Mix

Jose Cuervo light 560x391

You know Jose Cuervo for their premium line of Tequila and ready-to-serve Margarita cocktails. Now Jose Cuervo has come out with a Light Margarita Mix that has the same great taste as the original but now has fewer than 100 calories per serving. Talk about getting ready to summer, a drink that tastes like the original and will not add pounds to your gut. The mix contains fewer calories per serving than most wines or beers.

If you are really trying to lose all of your flub, Jose Cuervo has also made a non-alcoholic, Zero Calorie Margarita Mix. I have tried both, the Light Margarita Mix and Zero Calorie Mix and the flavor is still there. Personally, if I am making a Margarita though, I want some alcohol in there, so I prefer the Light Margarita Mix. But I’m guessing the non-alcoholic zero calorie margarita will be popular with the pregnant ladies.

The Light Margarita Mix contains 9.95% alcohol by volume and is available in the 750ml size with a retail price of $8.99. A 1.75 liter bottle is a bargain at $14.99 and is out now where liquor is sold. The Zero Calorie Mix will be available in May. So sit back and relax with some Margarita’s with less calories but taste you can expect from Jose Cuervo.