Introducing Team Gunaxin

bfl 560x159Last week we told you a bit about P&G’s Blogger Fantasy League, and how I, your humble editor, will be will be representing Team Old Spice and vying for a trip to the Super Bowl and a $10,000 Play 60 charitable donation. So this past Thursday I ventured to NFL Headquarters in New York for the draft. The NFL offices were about what you’d expect, with memorabilia and photos lining the walls of the offices. I was slightly disappointed there weren’t random mascots roaming the halls like at ESPN, but it was still pre-season. Below I have a few photos from the draft, but you can see many more on Flickr thanks to league mates Matt Sebek and Brian Basset.

NFL HQ 1 300x187 NFL HQ 3 300x187

NFL HQ 2 300x187 NFL HQ 4 300x187

As for the draft, we ended up with the 9th pick in the twelve team league, which was far from ideal. Rather than give you a full recap of the draft proceedings, I figured I would just give you a link to the Draft Results and League Page so that you can see the teams for yourself. I would like to present our team in slightly more dramatic fashion though. So below I offer up Team Gunaxin for your scrutiny. Let us know in the comments how you think I did.

Team Gunaxin

Team Gunaxin Roster 560x479