Style Up iPhone 4 With iSkins

iSkin has a new line of protective cases for your iPhone 4 that will give your phone some style. Both the solo and revo 4 feature 100% radio transparent materials to help with signal strength, and are backed up with a lifetime warranty.

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With the revo 4, iSkin stays true to the award-winning design from the original revo. The revo 4 provides protection in a sleek and bulk-free package to make sure that your iPhone 4 will still be safe. One of the cool things is that it has the Microban technology. It helps protect your phone against fungus and bacteria that causes stains and odors on your phone. You might think that this is a weird feature to talk about on a phone case review, but just think about what your phone is exposed to on a daily basis. Plus, how much did you pay for your iPhone 4? It is not cheap so why not protect your investment.

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No matter where you go, the phone will stay clean which means you stay clean and germ-free. The silicone on the revo 4 will protect your iPhone 4 no matter how dirty your hands get. You can remove the case and wash with hot water and detergent.

The revo 4 protects your iPhone 4 on all sides from shock, impact and moisture. This means that if you drop, kick, or work in a tough environment you will want the reliability of the revo 4 to keep your phone working day. There is a cover that goes over the charging port to ensure a clean charge every time. The visor that iSkin designed is a hard plastic cover that snaps over the iPhone 4’s screen and making each button on your phone accessible and clean. You can purchase the revo 4 at $39.99 each and it comes in four colors. The color schemes are Hornet (Dark Brown and Yellow), Nighthawk (Dark Brown and Black), Falcon (Dark Brown and White), and Lush (Pink and Black). You can pick up a revo 4 at as well as the solo which sells for $29.99 and comes in five colors. They are Cosmo (Pink), Quartz (Clear Frosted), Carbon (Black), Breeze (Light Blue), and Vive (Purple).

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There are also great features on the solo. The case is rigid but flexible, and the color won’t fade away. Just like the revo 4, the solo uses Microban technology to keep any fungus, odors, or stains away from your iPhone 4. The solo case does not interfere with the phone’s antenna. The volume and sleep buttons are fully protected while still functional.

Check out the revo or the solo to see which case will be right for your iPhone. While you are at the site, check out the other great products iSkin has for iPods, BlackBerrys, iPads, Macs and PC’s.