iSkin’s Tech Bags

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When I was younger I would always beat the crap out of my toys. Who cares if Optimus Prime’s leg fell off? I could always get another one for my birthday or Christmas. That was then and this is now. The toys I have now are mostly all tech stuff. Replacing an iPad is not as simple and cheap as a Transformer so with my expensive tech toys I now look to keep the gadgets I have now in mint condition. One company helps me keep my gadgets always in tip top shape. iSkin produces a large set of premium accessories for your tech gadgets, now hasĀ  a new collection of bags, sleeves and folios for tablets and notebooks.

The new collection is called the Q.West Collection. The new set has 16 gadget carriers that protect your gear while still keeping up with your style. iSkin selects premium textiles and leathers such as outerwear and automobiles, to recreate a durable and portable collection of pouches, folios and carriers. Although designed with Apple products in mind, the Q.West Collection fits similar-sized mobile, camera, tablet and notebook computer models. I want to highlight two items form the new line, the Ballistic and the Sling. For the complete line of the Q.West Collection check out iSkin’s website.

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The Ballistic was created for those who prefer a sportier sleeve for their iPad. This tough, water-resistant sleeve is made in ballistic nylon and with a technical zipper protection. It offers slim and protective functionality. The Ballistic sells for $90.00 and comes in black and grey.

SLNG BK2 216x300The Sling allows you to free up your commutes with the unique and asymmetrically cut bag. The Sling offers you serious protection to your iPad and other stuff. A mobile phone pocket in front adds to the ease of travel. The sling comes in five colors which are black, red, blue, purple, yellow and olive. The sling sells for $125.oo. Whatever your style is, you can be sure iSkin has what you need to protect your tech toys.