Jack, Did you think it would work?

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A while back I wrote a short piece regarding a lawsuit filed against Facebook.com by Jack Thompson (douchebag former attorney facing federal disbarment) over a user group called “I hate Jack Thompson.” with predictable results. Jack proceeded to harass and abuse several people connected with the group. He threatened to sue the group’s former admin and founder Dane Whittier over a picture another member posted depicting Jack Thompson hanged in effigy,  sent a legal letter to Rene Hourian’s High School demanding that the school discipline the student for activities he undertook outside of the school.


Yup, still a douche

Rene expressed concern over a test after he was pulled out of class regarding the letter, and Dane removed the picture and gave up administrator rights to the group. I stepped in. The group kept growing. It was over 3700 members until Sunday Nov 8th 2009. It was the most active group I was a member of on facebook. I say ‘was’ because I logged in to check on the conversations regarding the recent shooting incidents in Orlando and Ft. Hood, and discover the group had been deleted. I didn’t do it, so that leads me to believe that Facebook kowtowed to Mr. Thompson’s stupid and baseless claims that the group was attempting to incite violence against him. I can understand it. Facebook had nothing to gain. Fighting Thompson’s idiocy in court would only cost them money, most large companies will do anything to avoid a lawsuit.

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A few of my favorite things.

It brings me to my point. If you’ve read any of my other articles you know hard news isn’t my thing. I make dick jokes and insult people. In fact, I do most of my writing for this site with a cold one in hand, a stack of empties on the desk, and try to drop as many f-bombs as humanly possible in the space of a paragraph. (Hey, I gotta give Phil Something to do.) All the while, laughing maniacally.

But there is one thing I’m extremely passionate about: Artistic Freedom. It’s covered in that Constitution thing they keep in D.C. I did some research on Mr. Thompson and his career. In fact, most of the notable things he has done in his life involve attempting to silence people and things he found offensive, in effect trying to force the world around to his point of view.

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Case in point.

This is America, Jack. Any idiot can espouse any dumbass idea he or she wishes and speak about it loudly and at great length. Also covered in that Constitution thing they keep in D.C. Video Games are works of art, that a great deal of people put time and effort into, and yes, sell for profit. They are no different than any other form of entertainment.  If you wish to debate that point, a few years back the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art featured several pieces that were quite literally sculpted SHIT!

Beauty, the eye of the beholder, and such. If I were to take a dump on a canvas, smear it around, sign my name with a hot stream of urine, frame it and put it on eBay and some idiot wanted to buy it and hang it in his living room, who are you to tell him he can’t, or tell me I couldn’t sell it?


If these games were truly so offensive,and so damaging these companies wouldn’t make them because they couldn’t sell them. And don’t even give me the ‘misinterpretation’ argument. It isn’t the artist’s responsibility on the matter of how anyone interprets their work. Besides, how many people have been killed because of a misinterpretation of this work?


How come you don't want this banned, Jack?

In short, Jack, just because you take a narrow, and in my opinion, incorrect, view on the world based on conservative Christian beliefs, doesn’t mean you have the right to force your opinions on anyone else. That Facebook group was a monster of your own making. Over half the membership never even knew about it until you filed your lawsuit. Maybe because, unlike you, most people in the world don’t spend all day Googling their own names (A form of masturbation?) looking for a reason to sue someone. No one there ever made even a semi-credible statement of threat against you. But a lot of them did light you up with some choice insults, (Jack Thompson: Giving Stupid People a Bad Name for Twenty Years) was one of my favorites.

f we the people

Would like you to go sodomize yourself.

Jack, you’re nothing more than a common thug, a bully, if you will.  Instead or threatening someone physically, you threaten their livelihoods. That makes you scum in my book. I’ve noticed you’ve been oddly silent on the two most recent rampage shootings. Maybe because they don’t fit your agenda? Maybe, because the murderers weren’t troubled kids, but instead middle-aged men. Maybe because they point to mental instability being the cause of these tragedies and NOT your chosen reviled art-form. Maybe, just maybe, because their is no money in it?

In your career you’ve attacked radio hosts, musical performers and now the video game industry, simply because you don’t like what they have to say. Here’s an idea; If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. don’t listen to it, change the channel, and go to a different website. Quit trying to tell other people how to live their lives.

To Facebook.com. While your decision to remove the group, is understandable, at least 3700  of your users are disappointed. Fighting that lawsuit, and winning, would’ve only cost the company. Because no judge in the world would’ve awarded Thompson his demands. But Facebook would’ve had to pay lawyers (which aren’t cheap) in order to tell Mr. Thompson where to stick is idiotic claims. In effect, a lawsuit is the easiest way to circumvent the Constitution. Threaten their wallets. But I must say, the more people that cave to these demands the more demands will be made. Stand and Fight. There has to be company with pockets deep enough and a will strong enough to shut this assclown down.

And just because I enjoyed the community in the previous group, a made a new one, with a more accurate name. Because I don’t hate Jack Thompson. Hell, I don’t even know the guy. He might be a riot down at his local bar, who knows? So the New Facebook  Group is called “I Don’t hate Jack Thompson, I just hate everything he stands for.” So all the FARKers, gamers, and people that will only get louder when told to shut up, feel free to join me there.

Article by Mike Jordan