James Franco Cuts Off His Own Arm In ‘127 Hours’

127hours 560x279

There are a lot of reasons why I’m not a hiking enthusiast. First, I’m abnormally lazy. Second, the sunlight hurts my eyes. Third, small woodland creatures are creepy. Last, and most important, the thought of having to amputate my own arm after getting it trapped beneath a boulder scares the doodie out of me. But hey, that’s just me. I spend most of my days in a dim, sparsely furnished room devising new and creative ways to annoy my girlfriend. What the hell do I know?

Anyway, real-life mountain climber Aron Ralston lived my ultimate nightmare hiking scenario, and director Danny Boyle — the man behind Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire — made a movie about him called 127 Hours, starring James Franco as Ralston. The flick is getting all kinds of Oscar buzz. I have no idea what that means, but writing it makes me sound like one of those fancy tabloid TV Hollywood Insiders, so I’m going with it. It opens wide November 5th. Here’s the latest trailer.