Jay Leno is Funny!

jay leno sucks

Let’s assume for a second that this whole Conan and Leno debacle never occurred, Jay would still be a talentless ass-clown. But the mess did go down, and Leno is still an insufferable shit-heel. But, evidently, Leno is funny…

Leno Hulu Tags 1 560x309

Well the tag’s on his Tonight Show Hulu page are anyway….

Leno Hulu Tags 2 560x308

Yes, the people that run Hulu are clueless idiots.  What was that you said?  Oh that’s right Hulu is run by corporate executives, the same people that thought Leno was funnier than Conan.  So obviously they are clueless idiots, but they are also clueless idiots that are as good at running a website as they are at programming a television network.

Leno Hulu Tags 3 560x308

Before we run down some of the better tags, we did screen cap all seven pages of comedy gold, so that when a grown child of one of the fools at Hulu ruins it for all of us and they get removed, we will be able to laugh at how dumb they are.

Leno Hulu Tags 4 560x307

Here is a quick run down of the tags too long to fit:

“I’d rather eat shards of broken glass”

“zucker’s hand puppet”

“guy jimmy kimmel massacred”

“passive aggressive narcissist”

“cancer personified”

“worst person to ever live”

“kryptonite of comedy”

“talentless crybaby”

“the clown that nobody laughs at”

“bloated sac of pomposity and putrid lubricant”

“anti comedy vortex”

“festering lump on a prostitute’s nether regions”

“i need a shot of vodka to watch this”

“grandmother’s-corpse f cker”

“his chin is made of starving children”

“everything that is wrong in america”

“no talent assclown”

“makes admiral ackbar cry”

Leno Hulu Tags 5 560x309

Next we get foreign language tags:

Japanese for Trash, boring,and worst

Chinese for Nausea

Leno Hulu Tags 6 560x308

The rest are all very enjoyable from the screen caps without help, so read and enjoy my friends.

Leno Hulu Tags 7 560x245

Oh and where did we get the tip for this from?  @CoCosATMcard So much for NBC deleting every single reference to Conan O’Brien off of the internet.