Jenn Sterger: So Now What?


It has been an eventful year in the headlines for Jenn Sterger. Yet, the 27 year old television personality and model is looking to move past the “event” we are all exhausted discussing. She was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk with Gunaxin about her future, recent charity work, love for Twitter, redefining her public perception, and role on the new show Hometown Throwdown.

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Gunaxin: What exactly do you classify yourself as? A sports reporter? Model? TV personality? Internet star? Anything else?

Jenn: Jack of all trades…master of none (laughing)…moving forward I’d like to be less involved with modeling or becoming some type of poster girl. I have never really considered myself a sports reporter. I am just a girl who enjoys sports as a hobby and if I have the chance to work with a hobby I enjoy than that is awesome.

Gunaxin: Where would you say your career is headed now then?

Jenn: I would love the chance to do work that is more comedy based and get to change any false perceptions of myself out there, while showing my true personality. I am a laid back girl who is quirky and likes to make fun of myself. I love the opportunity to make people laugh.

Gunaxin: Tell me a little bit about your new show on Fuel TV…

Jenn: Hometown Throwdown is the chance for everyday Joes to step into the ring and show they are the toughest guy in their town. We get people from every walk of life to come out into the ring looking to prove something. I am the ringside reporter and really look to bring out their personalities when talking to them.

Gunaxin: Can you talk about the role the Internet played in helping start your career, along with your love for Twitter?

Jenn: Obviously the Internet was huge for me, going back to my days at Florida State. After Brent Musburger made that comment about me on national television, my e-mails and Facebook really began to blow up and it hasn’t stopped since then. In terms of Twitter…I love it! It allows me to be snarky and ridiculous all day.

Gunaxin: You have been involved with the Chevrolet Diamonds & Dreams program to help raise money to improve youth baseball facilities, why were you interested in working with them?

Jenn: I think it is important to make sure young kids are getting all the opportunities they can to exercise. I recently lost a close friend to weight related issues, so it makes seeing people work on getting more exercise and better nutrition that much more important to me. I also love how it is a viral campaign that is making great use of the Internet to raise money for their cause.

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