Best Words to Describe the Jeremy Lin Exit to Houston

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Now that Jeremy Lin has taken his overhyped skills to Houston, Knicks fans can return to quietly loathing their once proud franchise. Despite the financial logic of not resigning Lin for the same exorbitant figure the Rockets offered, the MSG faithful are still none too pleased that Linsanity is officially over. Of course all this hullabaloo makes excellent fodder for sarcastic bloggers like himself to point and laugh at. Hey, I’m a Sixers fan, so a healthy sense of humor is required (they signed Kwame Brown… KWAME BROWN!!). Here are ten “words” to best describe Lin’s exit to Texas.

1) Linraging – Why, oh why!

2) Disheartlining – Sad face.

3) Villinous – Admittedly, this one is a stretch.

4) Unlintelligent – Is it really?

5) Linvalid – I kinda like this one.

6) Linconsolable – Manhattan therapists rejoice.

7) Crestfallin – Obviously I own a thesaurus.

8) Linfuriating – Running out of steam here.

9) Lincompetent – Sums up Knicks management for the last decade.

10) Rulinous – It’s time to go.

Bye, bye Jeremy. Good luck in Space City.