Jim Cramer vs Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

jonstewart jimcramerIt was uncomfortable for both to sit in front of each other, but entertaining for us to watch. Jim Cramer, the “Mad Money” host also known as the “face” of CNBC, came on Jon Stewart’s show to settle their week-long feud. During the entire interview, Cramer seemed defenseless under Stewart’s attacks. Needless to say, Stewart has clearly won the battle, but it’s unfortunate for Cramer to take blames for CNBC’s mistakes and Wall Street’s meltdown. Matter of fact, I made a good chunk of money few years ago thanks to Cramer’s advice on solar stocks before everyone started jumping in. But admittedly, it’s idiotic to follow everything he says, especially during his “Lightning Round” segment of the show. People really need to do their own research before trading, rather than blindly listen to any financial experts’ advices. In the end, it’s YOUR money that you’re betting on. Anyway, at the end of the show, the feud finally came to an end as they both shook hands without a trace of awkwardness.