Jimmy Kimmel’s Post Oscars Movie Spoof Looks Badass

kimmel headerJimmy Kimmel’s post Oscars specials are ten times more entertaining than the broadcast itself. And this year’s star-studded extravaganza promises to be more of the same. Kimmel and his crack team of comedy scribes are planning a movie spoof titled Movie: The Movie, or M:TM for short. They’ve even gone so far as to create some badass mock posters to hell promote the parody. Scroll down for the goodness.

kimmel 3kimmel 1kimmel 2Hanks’ arm gun and Dame Helen’s pipe bomb are bitchin’, but Clooney’s exasperated crisis face sells it. I can’t wait. It should be an excellent palate cleanser after three-plus hours of self-aggrandizing fellatio.

[Via Vulture]