The Johnny Football Heisman Campaign

Johnny Manziel header 560x315The 2012 college football season is winding down, which means Heisman campaigning season is in full swing. Surprise candidate Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M’s freshman QB, announced his candidacy last week with an upset win over undefeated Alabama. Looking to capitalize on Manziel’s outstanding freshman year, Texas A&M has launched a dedicated Heisman site for him.

The site is headlined by a greatest hits video for Manziel’s freshman season, and then goes over some of the awards and accomplishments he’s collected so far this season. They also include an extended bio on the the enigmatic young passer, along with a photo and video gallery.

johnny manziel halloween1 560x284Manziel likely doesn’t have a chance at the Heisman as a freshman QB of a two loss team, but this is one of the best looking Heisman sites we’ve seen, so maybe the Aggies can earn an award that way.