Join the Captain in the Caribbean

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Captain Morgan is looking for a crew to join him for a legendary island adventure. Check out the video below for the info :

Mena and Key and Captain Hammock1 224x300

Gunaxin is proud to announce that we will be competing in the Captain’s Island Challenge along with our friends from Bro Bible and COED Magazine. If you’d like to join us in the Caribbean for your own chance at the $15,000 bounty, you can begin by completing the challenges to earn keys on Captain Morgan’s Facebook Page.

If the bounty weren’t enough, consider the fun you’ll have partying with the Captain, his Morganettes, and Mena Suvari! We recently had a chance to run the fabulous Miss Suvari through the famous Gunaxin Six Questions, and we look forward to meeting her on the Island in October.

Here are additional details on the challenge :

The Captain’s Island is a competition where participants take part in a number of different challenges to earn ‘keys’. Once a ‘key’ is found/earned contestants are required to log them on The Captain’s Island Facebook application. Once five (5) keys are found/earned, the adventurer will be asked to take part in a tie-breaker. The winner of the tie-breaker will get the chance to go to The Captain’s Island (from 10th – 13th October) in the Caribbean and battle it out against 13 other teams for a share of $15,000.