Jose Cuervo : Tradicional Silver‏

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Tis the season for having fun with family and friends. So how do we enjoy our family and friends company? Drinking of course. We all had tequila before and you must have had a few shots of Jose Cuervo at a bachelor party, bar, or the library in college to help you study. For whatever the occasion we all know Jose Cuervo. Still you might not know the whole story of Jose Cuervo. So sit back and relax while I tell you the story of how the Jose Cuervo line of liquor came to be.

On November 2, 1758, Don José Antonio de Cuervo obtained a plot of land in the region of Tequila where the Jose Cuervo distillery, La Rojeña, still stands today.  At that time, locals mostly drank Vino de Mezcal, an agave wine distillate that was widely popular in the region.  But it was Jose Cuervo who introduced Spanish distillation methods, producing the first ever agave spirit our modern day Tequila.

50 years later, the Jose Cuervo family obtained the first license to sell and distribute Tequila (hence the 1798 date on the bottles).  Since then, it’s been the most recognizable name in the Tequila business.

Ten generations later, Jose Cuervo is still a family-owned and operated company, one of the last few in Mexico, with Juan Domingo Beckman at the helm of this legendary Tequila empire.

Tradicional Silver Paloma e1292520924806 192x300Now Jose Cuervo has come out with Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver. The Tradicional Silver is reminiscent of the original Tequila created more than 200 years ago by Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo and is an ode to the rich history and heritage that is Jose Cuervo. To me the Tradicional Silver has a better taste to the Jose Cuervo we all know in the States.

It has been in a few states and next year will be available nationwide in the Spring. If you are in the a lucky part of the states where you can get your hands on a bottle here is a recipe that you might want to try out for the holidays! It is called the Tradicional Silver Paloma. Here is how you make it.

1.5 oz Trad Silver

4.5 oz Grapfruit Soda

Garnish with a lime wedge