Josh Hadar: The Evolution Of Steel

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You shouldn’t hesitate to use the term “Renaissance Man” to describe Josh Hadar. I am willing to the give the title to any individual who has the ability to hand blow glass gas tanks for his personally metal sculpted bicycles, that he sets up next to a solar powered steel tree that he designed.

Hadar is currently hosting a showcase for his groundbreaking, eco-friendly work in New York City. His custom bikes and environmental installations are a unique combination of art work and ecological technology. When discussing how he fuses the two together, Hadar commented “nobody ever crossed the street to look at a Prius. Going green doesn’t mean you have to be boring.”

Boring certainly doesn’t describe how Hadar goes about his business. The video clips below give a better idea of the work he is doing and the enthusiasm he approaches his creations with —

The shop that Hadar works out of is located on Broome Street is fully equipped with solar power and is continuing to explore different applications of alternative drive systems and power sources for his bikes. Currently he has bikes which are powered by electric batteries charged by solar panels, 80cc gas powered engines, and yes a few powered by good old pedals with coaster brakes.

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As mentioned before, Hadar’s work isn’t limited to modes of transportation. His design “The Grove” is installed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Times Square. It was constructed with over 5,000 individually cut and welded pieces of carbon steel. He has also recently constructed “The Photovoltaic Acasia Tree” which is an aesthetically pleasing use of Solar Panels. Hadar considers it the first step to “a much larger piece capable of powering proportionally larger electrical devices.”

If you are looking for a unique combination of technology, transportation, art work, and ecological innovation, take a visit to Hadar’s showcase which is running until May 27th at 285 Lafayette Street in NYC.