Keyport Slide : Ultimate Keychain Alternative

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Looking for way to not look like a janitor with all those keys on your keychain? Check out the Keyport Slide. You will ditch the clutter and put all your keys on one device that is the size of one key. The Keyport replaces your conventional keychain with a streamlined device that consolidates the everyday personal items such as keys, USB flash drives, or anything that you might typically carry on a keychain.  The Keyport provides access to each item with just the slide of a thumb in one convenient container.

Keyport1Since the Keyport is compact it fits comfortably in any pocket of your jeans and won’t stab your leg, tear your pockets, or scratch your phone. We all have lost our keys before, so what happens if you lost your Keyport? Every key has a serial number which is used to reunite owners with a recovered Keyport.

The Keyport can be used with chipped auto keys that are found in newer automobiles and motorcycles. The key blades can be formed for many of your keys that goes to any device. Some examples for your keys are ones used for your car, mailbox, storage unit, home, office key, and motorcycle.

The Keyport has different options for purchase. The cheapest set sells for $79.00. The bundle includes six colored nodes, six Keyport blades, detachable laynard, bottle opener, LED Light, and a 4GB or 8GB USB flash drive. Check out their site to purchase the Keyport.