KFC for Christmas? Only in Japan

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KFC is delicious, probably because when the first light your chicken sees is the light of the oven, it just tastes so much sweeter, that’s science in action folks. But Christmas time is turkey time and chicken, especially the fried variety takes a backseat for a few weeks. In fact if you told people that you were planning on eating KFC for your Christmas meal, they’d probably punch you square in the face so hard everything you ate would taste like the inside of your mouth for a month.

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But in Japan, it’s not just normal, it’s tradition. Thanks in part to awesome marketing on behalf of KFC, fried chicken is so popular in Japan at Christmas time they recommend booking your meal two months early. The last time someone waited that long for something greasy and covered in crusty orange skin it was Donald Trump’s lawyer.

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The signs over there are basically the same, only in theirs, the Colonel shoots fire out of his eyes.

Because Japan is only around 1% christian, westerners found that buying any sort of whole bird around Christmas time was tough, since everything in Japan is apparently fish cut into small cubes all the time. As such, a lot of them ended up going to KFC to get themselves some of that sweet bird murder and you better believe KFC noticed that shit.

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As a result, KFC is now synonymous with Christmas over there. Then again, a fat guy with a beard in a white suit selling stuff in a red box that makes you fat isn’t really that different from a fat guy with a beard in a red suit giving you presents so you don’t have to leave the house. Kudos Japan. You almost nailed it. Almost.