Kick-Ass Beer Links For the 4th

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If Independence Day isn’t a damn good excuse to swim back a couple of brewskis, then I don’t know what is. Now typically I’d offer up a nice review of a recent beer I’ve enjoyed (stay tuned for Sky High Rye), but I thought, since today is actually the 4th, why not serve up a couple of kick-ass beer links! Hey, everyone needs a Holiday right? Enjoy!

Check out THE FIVE BEST BEERS MADE IN AMERICA! Now that’s inspiration to seek out some good ol’ US Ales! (see what I did there?)

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How about Ask Men’s TOP TEN BEER PRODUCING NATIONS IN THE WORLD to get your whistle whetted! Yum!

Matador Trips gives us the TOP TWENTY BEST BEER TOWNS IN AMERICA especially planned for those of us who’d just as soon spend a day drinking awesome beer off a coaster than on a roller coaster. Yep, I brought the jokes.

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Want to try some of the BEST BEERS OF SUMMER? Well, Gayot is your Huckleberry.

Don’t tell BellaOnline that some jerky asshats might not believe that women know anything about pairing beer and cigars, because CIGARS AND BEER begs to differ.

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Wanna make damn sure you’ve paired a decent brew with your BBQ? Yes, you do. So check out PAIRING BEER WITH FOOD to get the big list on all your favorites.

What about dessert? Well Fiona at MATCHING FOOD AND WINE gives you a fine list of things that taste great together for your after dinner goings-on.

meatbeer 300x225 hooks us up with THE BEST PALE ALES from around the world. If you’re a Pale Ale fan, this is certainly a list to live by.

Beer Info does a great job showing us that THE BEST LAMBICS are well worth your time to try out this summer; crisp, refreshing… the literal Champagnes of beer.

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If you’re barbecuing with beer (and why aren’t you?) then rock on, but if you’re actually barbecuing (as in cooking) with beer, Epicurious has a TOP 5 LIST for ya!

And finally, for the health conscious among us who still want their beer and want to be able to drink it too, check out the BEST AND WORST BEERS from Eat This, Not That.