Kim Jong-un Shops at Walmart

Walmart copy 560x280

So, the big cry baby “Dear Leader” of North Korea doesn’t like the idea of being assassinated by Seth Rogen and James Franco in a fictitious comedy? So do we. We asked ourselves, what fate would be worse than death for the uptight leader than the events of The Interview? And the answer came to us- shopping at Walmart. So, thanks to the awesomeness of Photoshop, we created a gallery of Kim Jong-un shopping for the best deals in the whole world. Take THAT Kim!

twelve copy

nine copy 560x373


thirteen copy

seven copy

two copy 560x349

six copy 560x420

ten copy 560x350

three copy 560x350

four copy 560x349

forteen copy 560x712

five copy 560x350

fifteen copy 560x566

eleven copy 560x342

eight copy 560x420